Hey Mamas,

The number one thing I hear from women is that eating healthy is too expensive. Well, I am here to bust that myth because honestly it’s just not true! What I have personally found is that the people who often say this to me eat 4-5 meals (on average) out a week. Let me just say THAT is the problem, not the healthy eating.

About a year ago my husband and I made a pack to stick to our Mint budget once and for all! Not only is it better on our wallet, it’s also better for our bodies. We set a goal to only eat one meal a week out for lunch and one dinner a week out as a family. Is it easy? Not always BUT it’s awesome seeing how much money we are saving and how much better our bodies feel.

I thought I would take a second today and share with you our grocery list and how I personally go about planning out our meals + shopping each month and week. At the beginning of every month I go to Sam’s club to purchase all of our meats for the month. This makes it really easy because then I am able to freeze them and as we need them we thaw them out. It’s also MUCH cheaper then having to get meat each week at the store.

I love shopping at Aldi’s for as much as I can and then swinging by Kroger (grocery chain) afterwards for formula and anything Aldi’s didn’t have that week. Shopping at Aldi’s REALLY saves my family money and I really like that they have a high standard for food. Fun fact- Aldi’s is actually the sister store (same owners) to Trader Joes. 🙂

Here’s a look at my personal grocery list:

You can also download the grocery list here and save it as a pdf:


Download File

On average we spend $50-70 a week at Aldi and then Kroger ($100-$140 total a week) plus $150 a month at Sam’s Club.

I really hope this helps you ladies as you prepare for a new month and staying on track with your budget. Feel free to reach out with questions! Always happy to help!


With JOY,