Success Stories

My Story

I never want these journey posts to make any girl watching or reading feel some sort of negative way about themselves. My goal is to inspire you. Show you what’s possible if you keep going when you feel like giving up. The first picture was taken 6 weeks after having Corban 17 months ago, the second one was today. I still have a long way to go towards hitting my goals but that doesn’t change the fact that I truly love myself right now, in this moment. The strength I’m building internally and externally by pushing through a tough workout program is only making me better. So today I just want to encourage the girl who wants to give up to keep going. Dig deep into your why and remind yourself what made you commit in the first place. After that take a step back and look at how FAR YOU’VE COME.

~ Caroline

"Changed My Life"

“The first challenge group I jumped into with Caroline changed my life. It taught me that it is so much easier to be consistent when you have accountability. It showed me that I need to work on my relationship with God before I could truly see change in myself. This challenge group taught me I CAN DO HARD THINGS, but I cannot do them alone. It’s not about the weight Ive lost, it’s about what Ive gained: a strong relationship with God, supportive friendships in this community, a healthy outlook with food, an attitude of GET to rather than HAVE to with my workouts.”

~ Ashton

Four Months Post Partum

Long story short after 5 years of watching I jumped in as a client and fell in LOVE. I was so skeptical and asked 20 thousand questions because I didn’t want it to be a scam and I didn’t want to fail. I finally joined but waited for the catch or waited for it to be a scheme… and it never happened. It just kept getting better and truly does every day. So here I am 2 years later and this second picture was 4 months postpartum!

~ Courtney

"Christ Centered Community"

This community has had me more consistent with my nutrition, workouts, and being in the Word more than ever. A passionate, intentional, Christ centered community is the PERFECT accountability and just what I needed!

~ Lauren